Album: Desert Roses EP by Kiki Marley | Full Download

Kiki Marley, a talented Ghanaian artist signed to Rufftown Records, has unveiled her latest musical offering, the “Desert Rose” EP. This 5-track studio project showcases her multifaceted artistry and marks her presence in the contemporary Ghanaian music scene.

Within the EP, listeners can expect a rich tapestry of musical styles and lyrical themes. Kiki Marley’s vocal prowess and lyrical depth are on full display as she explores a range of emotions and topics throughout the five tracks.

As you immerse yourself in the EP, you’ll discover an array of musical compositions that appeal to various moods and tastes. From catchy melodies to thought-provoking lyrics, “Desert Rose” offers a dynamic listening experience.

The EP invites you to add these captivating songs to your music playlist, allowing you to enjoy and share them with fellow music enthusiasts. After listening, you’re encouraged to share your thoughts and insights about the “Desert Rose” EP, as your feedback is valuable in shaping the ongoing conversation about this remarkable musical endeavor.

Desert Rose EP by Kiki Marley Tracklist Download:

  1. GOD by Kiki Marley (God Over Devil) | Download
  2. Trapper Girl by Kiki Marley | Download
  3. Don’t Judge Me by Kiki Marley | Download
  4. Adoley by Kiki Marley | Download

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