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MP3: ZaZoo Zehh by Poco Lee ft Olamide, Portable | Download

Olamide zazoo zehh download

Poco Lee has unveiled his latest music release titled “Zazoo Zehh,” now available for mp3 download. This dynamic track features the collaboration of Nigerian heavyweight rapper, Olamide, and Portable. The song was expertly produced by P.Prime, ensuring a high-quality sound.

Immerse yourself in the infectious beats and catchy melodies of “Zazoo Zehh” as Poco Lee, Olamide, and Portable showcase their unique talents. The collaboration between these talented artists promises an exciting and enjoyable listening experience.

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Make sure to add this captivating track to your favorite playlist and share it with fellow music enthusiasts. Listen to “Zazoo Zehh” and let the rhythm transport you to a world of energetic vibes and musical bliss. ZaZoo Zehh by Poco Lee download

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Feel free to download this captivating music for free using the link provided below.


ZaZoo Zehh by Poco Lee ft Olamide, Portable Lyrics

Ara adugbo (Zehh)Tuntun ti de oh (Zehh)Zazoo (Zehh)O por l’eti (Zehh)O ye k’eti magbo (Zehh)Portable Baddo gbemi trabaye (Zehh)
Zeh kan to t’eri e (Poco poco poco) (Giddem)Baddo sneh (Zehh)Pepper sneh (Zehh)Many many werey wa nle (Zehh)
Ahn, repete (Zehh)Unruly (Zehh)Baddo Lee (Zehh)P Prime gbemi de’be (Zehh)Ah ba’be je (Zehh)
Azarailu e pa (Zehh)Mofo’s can not keep am (Zehh)Bitch I’ll be going nonstop (Zehh)Huhn zazoo (Zehh)
Shii hacker (Zehh)

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Ika (Zehh)Tes’ojue (Zehh)Tes’ojue bi ti Alaga (Zehh)
Ayy Gaza (Zehh)Eje l’oju bi ti Abacha (Zehh)Ru’oju pa (Zehh)Le oju pa (Zehh)Ma rerin (Zehh)Kala (Zehh)Daju (Zehh)
Wu’wa ika (Zehh)
Zazoo (Bizzuah bizzuah)Koko tua (Zeh)On my way to Ilu awon osu (Zehh)Nibi ton ma tin bo card oh (Zehh)O ko ma pade kolu (Zehh)Yio koma bo card oh (Zehh)Osu ton gb’oran oh (Zehh)L’oma pe ni kolu (Zehh)Zazoo (Zehh)
Koko tua (Zehh)I do music for living (Zehh)Orin ni mo fin gawu (Zehh)Yahoo boy no laptop (Zehh)Koko tua (Zehh)Oun gb’owo lo (Zehh)Zazoo biza biza oh (Zehh)
Paka, paka, Poco Lee (Zehh)Poco Lee gbemi trabaye (Zehh)Jek’a jo zehh oh (Zehh)
Poco Lee ogba dancer oh (Zeh nkan to t’eri e)Set awon werey onijo (Zhoe gbengben)
Zazoo (Zehh)Koko tua (Shoe gbengben) (‘Ishe lo jawon l’aya oh)Chain timo wo is a gadu (Zeh nkan to t’eri e)Ago timo wo is a gadu (Zehh)Zazoo zazoo (Zehh)OPF o por fa (Zehh)
O ma wo lo school (Zehh)Shoe gbengben bata yahoo (Zehh)Zeh nkan to t’eri e (Zehh)
Mo tun wa e wa (Zehh)T’ofe shey ko ko ko oh (Zehh)Jek’a ba s’oro oh (Kolu)Bizzuah bizzuah oh (Kolu)Zazoo (Osu)

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Koko tua (Zehh)Koko tua me me me oh (Me me me oh)Zazoo (Zehh)Omo oro mi t’oba ti zehh oh (Zehh)
Malo zehh zehh kuzehh oh (Zehh)Jek’a jo zehh oh (Zehh)Shaolin temple (Zehh)Koko tua (Zehh)Ye ma shebi Zule Zoo (Zehh)Sh’oya werey toh Black Camaru (Zehh)Da’yanmo ko mu e mo’yan (Zehh)Sh’oma ngbo Kogbagidi? (Zehh)
International Promoter oh (Zehh)Koko tua (Zehh)Koko tua me me me oh (Me me me oh)Zazoo (Zehh)Koko tua (Shaolin temple)
Emi mi werey olorin (Zehh)Idamu adugbo yin (OPF o por fa)Wahala musician (Zehh nkan to t’eri e)O de pada oh (Shoe gbengben)‘Ishe lo jawon l’aya oh (Zehh)
Bata timo wo is a gadu (Shoe gbengben)
Koko tua (Zehh)Azu azu (Zehh)Azu azu (Zehh)Ma ja bata funra e wi pe ko k’azu (Zehh)
Iku toh pa Jesu oh (Zehh)Case yen won o ri settle oh (Zehh)E le en le Yahoo (Zehh)Eni t’oba wo, ko kin wo’ran (Zehh)
Zazoo (Zehh)
Mo ko lon gbo who dey who dey (ehh)Sh’oma ngbo Ajo (Ojo sneh)Omode olowo (Zehh)
Won ni omo yen ti sh’ogun owo (Zehh)Won ni o ti shesho (Bizzuah bizzuah)Boya k’elo sh’ogun ishee (Shaolin n)Zazoo (Koko tua)
Zazoo (Zehh)Ni’lu awon Osu (Zehh)Mo ma gbe e de’be oh (Zehh)Omolalomi I gerin oh
Dem call me Portable Baby ohSon of shaku shaku oh

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